Friday, February 12, 2016

Snippet from Jacked Up

Hi guys" While we wait Jacked Up's release on Feb 23rd, here you have a snippet. 

Elle studied him for a long second before she spoke again. “You didn’t answer when Cole asked why you were taking my side.”
No, he hadn’t answered and he wouldn’t now. The truth of the matter was he hadn’t liked seeing Elle pushed against the wall. Sassy little thing that she was, the Bowens didn’t understand that she thought too much of them to give them her wrath.
Pity she didn’t have the same issue with Jack.
“You could have gotten rid of me today very easily, yet you didn’t. You like having me around; admit it,” she said with a smirk.
Jack dodged her statement and sat on the sofa beside her. “You like pissing me off; admit it.”
“Wrong, Borg. I looove pissing you off.”
It figured.
She pondered for a second, then added, “I think it’s that don’t-fuck-with-me vibe of yours. It makes me, you know, want to fuck with you.”
His cock stood at full attention at the way her eyes danced with laughed and her lips quirked up. Such a fucking tease.
“You don’t want to fuck with me, pet.”
“But I do.”
“You can’t take me on. I like my women tied up. Ball-gagged. Blindfolded. Plug up their asses. Pussy spread open for me to fuck it however I want it. If I take the gag off, it’s to fuck their mouths.”
He was going for shock effect, not that he was exaggerating much. That didn’t shock her. She just whistled. “Wow. No wonder you forget they’re in your bed. How do they communicate? What about the safe word? Do you give them a pad and they use their fingertips to Morse it to you?” She imitated Morse-code-like sounds and added, sounding like a robot, “Tap. Taptaptap. Please scratch my nose. Dying here.”
In spite of himself, he smiled. “You are a smartass.”
“Thanks, I do my best. You didn’t admit you like having me around,” she pressed on, changing the subject.
“Because I don’t.” He hated having her around. Hated what she did to him, how easily she got his attention. How he couldn’t think straight whenever she was near him. How he couldn’t shock her into compliance.
“You’re a shitty liar, Borg.” She turned to him and in a swift movement, straddled him. “Hasn’t anyone tell you you’re handsome when you smile?”
He curtly shook his head, froze as he was with sensory overload.
“They are probably distracted by the growls and the ice-cold stares.”
“And you aren’t?”
“They don’t bother me.”
No shit. They rolled off her back. Nothing seemed to face her.
“I think they’re damn sexy. Can I ask you something?” Before he nodded, she was already talking, her hands flat on his chest. “Why do you kiss me all the time?”
Her sweet mouth was so close to his he could smell the tiramisu gelato she’d been eating. Vanilla with a little kick from the coffee, just like her. Tamping down the need to ravish her lipskiss her, he answered matter-of-factly, “To shut you up. And I wouldn’t say it’s all the time. Just when strictly necessary.”
“So all I need to do to get you to kiss me is chatter?”
Actually, all she had to do was look at him. Hell, breathing was enough.
That he kept to himself. It was already bad enough that his dick was jumping up and down from excitement, trying to break through his jeans by the way it was pounding against the zipper.
She felt it too, he could tell. It was in the smugness in her eyes. “Not interested,” she said, unstraddling him, a cocky smile on her lips. “I know you think I’m dubiously slutty, but I’m not. I’m searching for the one. And you so are not.”
She strode to the TV and turned it on.
Suddenly, Jack jack-knifed and crowding her, turned it off, gripping her waist when she tried to swirl around.
“Really?” he growled in her ear.
“Really what?” she whispered, trying to hide her surprise.
“You’re not interested? That’s why you sway around me half-naked, your nipples hard as stones? Why you sit on my cock?”
 “I’m not the one sneaking in your bed at night. Or kissing you all the time.”
“No, you’re the one jacking off in the shower.” Her intake of breath was loud and sharp. She tried again to turn but he tightened the grip he had on her. “No. Keep still.”
Her voice was husky and so fucking sexy. “Why?”
“Because I say so.” And because his cock was hard enough pressed against her ass. Didn’t need any more visual stimuli.
She snorted, her tone incredulous. “Is that supposed to work on me?”
“Oh, but it works on you,” he said kissing her throat and feeling her body tremble. “You know what’s your problem? You go for men who are used to wearing the pants, but then you try to tell them which pants to wear. They cave in; you win and lose interest. You can’t tell me which pants to wear. I don’t work that way.”
“Don’t say. You into quilts?”
Such a smartass, his pet. He cupped her pussy, ripping a whimper out of her. “I’m into fucking. Stuffing yourself with ice cream will give you sugar rush and ultimately put you out.” He increased the pressure on her core. “I can do the same much faster.”
It took a second before she could find her voice. “How much faster? Faster is not always better, Borg. Do you have files on female anatomy? You know what you’re doing?”
Yep, a smartass through and through.
He moved his hand up to her belly and then delved under her panties. Oh fuck, she was bare. Soft, smooth, bare pussy. He caressed her slit. “You bet I know what I’m doing.” Sex he could manage. Sex hHe understood, sex, knew how to make a woman’s body melt with pleasure. Besides, the more distracted they were coming, the less inclined were to want to talk. Or berate him for his lack of social skills. Sex was up his alley; the rest was just a jumbled mess that got him nowhere but into trouble.
He circled her clit, spreading her juices . “Twice I’ve stopped myself from reaching for you and giving you what you were aching for. You were dripping wet all over me in bed, rubbing against me. Moaning in your sleep. So fucking ready to come. By the way, you are fucking sexy jacking off. Were you thinking of me?”
“You saw me in the shower,” she all but whispered, clearing her throat.
“Yes. You need to learn to close the doors, pet. And come in silence.”
She was trembling. Creaming his hand. “And yet you didn’t…”
“Barge in?” he finished her sentence. “No. I wasn’t invited to the party.”
Elle cleared her throat and spoke in a frail thread. “And now you are?”
“Now you’re awake and rubbing against me, panting, not telling me to stop, so yeah… Now I’m invited to the party.”
Her voice was unsure for the first time. “Jack, this might not be the greatest idea.”
Jack slid one finger along her folds, then inside her, her inner flesh clamping around him. Sweet Jesus. So fucking tight.
He wrapped his other arm around her, supporting her and keeping her trapped. “You haven’t been fucked that much, have you?” Elle was such a tease. So brazen, so in-your-face, but it was a big, false facade.
She licked her dry lips. “Why do you say that?”
“You’re fucking tight, pet. You can’t be giving it up too often.”
At his words, he felt her pussy contract around him. Her spine straightened, her whole body radiating offense.
“You’re wrong. I fuck everything that moves, the bigger and the rougher the better and once a year, for Christmas, I get a vaginal reconstruction and start all over again.”
He chuckled softly. Fuck but she was funny.
“And let me tell you,” she continued, her voice choppy but irate, her flesh slowly yielding to his invasion. “If you’re one of those shitheads who only want to break into untried, tight holes to then move to the next one once it has been ‘stretched,’ you should know that one, I’m not a virgin, and two, the tightest holes in this earth are in men’s asses. Maybe you should move into fucking those.”

Copyright Elle Aycart 2016
unedited version


  1. Thank you very much! I hope you won't mind me saying there's a lot of typos... Good luck with the release!!

    1. Hi! thank you very much for reading it.
      It's the rough, unedited version. Hopefully the final version won't have a single typo :-)

    2. I'm reading the final version: pleased accept my apologies!! I'm LOVING it!!!!

    3. Hi!
      I'm glad you're enjoying Jacked Up.

  2. At he end of jacked up its talking about the bowans long lost sister, is there going to be a book or series following that on?